Start the Necessary Prep Work for Your Remodel

Let interior designer Sharon Hess work on your remodel in Purcellville, VA and the Northern Virginia area

You want to redesign your home, but don't know where to start. Sound about right? Turn to a local interior designer like Sharon Hess to get started on your redesign project in Purcellville, VA and the Northern Virginia area. As the owner and operator at Hess Interior Design, Sharon has over 30 years of experience bringing dream homes to life.

With an interior design master's degree, thousands of to-the-trade vendors and a team of dependable contractors to lean on, Sharon can turn your vision into a reality.

No redesign job is too big for our designer

Now that you've found an interior designer you can count on, what's the next step? Start discussing design ideas for your:

  • New construction project - choose your home's layout, color scheme and finishing touches
  • Remodel - change up your home's interior design so it complements your new style
  • Renovation - bring your home back to life after it's damaged in a flood or fire

Whether you need partial- or whole-home design services, Sharon and her team are here to help. Call 703-581-7168 now to inquire about our available discounts.

How to make your home one of a kind

Just like snowflakes, no two homes are the same. And no two homeowners have the exact same style. That's why our interior designer personalizes every property. Trust Sharon to listen to your needs and adjust her partial- and whole-home design services to meet them. By doing this, she can create a design that fits your space, matches your style and doesn't go over budget.

For Purcellville, VA and Northern Virginia locals, our interior designer is just a phone call away. Reach out to her today to discuss your design ideas.